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Overview Dashboard

View last 4 weeks of sales stats, inventory levels, and settlement activity
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FBA Customer Returns

Visually display FBA customer returns, for reason, rate, and more
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Item Profits

Calculate your net profit per unit, and total profit based on historic sales
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Item Returns

Keeps track of all returns that Amazon has in its system and return ratio
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Item Trends

View item sales trends over days, weeks, months, or years
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Automatic Alerts

Alerts for significantly higher or lower metrics, in sales, refunds, and pricing
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FBA Dashboard

See which items are heading out of stock, as well as stale inventory
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FBA Reimbursements

Easily keep track of your detailed information on FBA reimbursements
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FBA Forecast

Real time information on your FBA days of cover for each item
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Goodwill Analysis

Keep track of Amazon issued goodwill refunds, and your reimbursement
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Account Health

Monitor all of your Amazon accounts, for key account health metrics
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Sales Dashboard

Detailed and visual information on sales, gross profit, orders, and refunds
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Item Dashboard

Powerful feature that combines all data for specific item into one area
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Order Analysis

Detailed page of all orders and profit after costs and outbound shipping
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Product Research

Quickly research Amazon listings using a specific search term, ASIN or UPC
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Settlement Analysis

Detailed metrics, as well as a SKU level breakdown of each settlement report
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Daily Sales Email

Optionally receive a daily mobile responsive email of yesterday's sales
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Reports Suite

We compile many different data-points from Amazon, most are exportable
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Negative Feedback

Easily monitor any negative or neutral feedback on your Amazon account
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FBA Discrepancies

FBA outbound shipments analyzed for differences in the fulfillment costs User Guide | Screenshot

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S.W., CEO, Wales Brands

I have used many different software's catering to Amazon sellers, and the sellerwit software has no equal. The 3 best things I like about it are: 1) Big time saver. 2) Constant money saver. 3) Outstanding development and customer support team.
Bottom line, I am one happy customer, and highly recommend this.

Y.Y., VP of eCommerce Sales, Nektova Group

I have registered and used virtually every platform on the market. Sellerwit is unparalleled in the features it provides and in its customer service. Sellerwit is necessary for any E-commerce business that cares about profitability and actionable insights toward increasing their margins. If you want to kiss all of your spreadsheets goodbye say hello to Sellerwit.

D. R., CEO, RBB Improvements LLC

“The team at Sellerwit has been great to work with, and they were not the first inventory management software we worked with. They are quick to respond, are a pleasure to deal with, and can accommodate almost any request. The actual software is highly intuitive, very accurate, highly advanced, and is as good as, if not better then the priciest options currently out there, all for an extremely reasonable price. We highly recommend the software as well as the team behind it!”

A. W., CEO, FM Creations

“Outstanding software that allows us to really understand the opportunities and pitfalls of our amazon business. And they are constantly adding features and upgrades.”


Deep and intuitive insight into your Amazon business
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